Cool Globe
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Vital statistics
Type Part of no furniture series.
Effects Globe Can Spin
Source Isabelle
Cost to buy Cannot be Bought
Cost to sell Cannot be Sold

Appearance Edit

The Cool Globe looks the earth but it's a different color. The Cool Globe's oceans are tan, & it's countries are brown. It shows Latitude & Longitude lines. The base of the globe is wood & the top is a caramel colored wood.

Effects Edit

The effect of the Cool Globe is that the globe spins. When you put it out in sight, walk in front of it & press A. If your volume is turned up, there should be a little noise as it spins. If not, it'll just spin.

How To Get Edit

The Cool Globe is up-for-gets on April 22nd, or Earth Day. Isabelle will be in the plaza. Talk to her, & she will give you the Cool Globe if your pockets aren't full.

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